We are specialists in sash windows

Most of our work comprises installing complete new double-glazed box sash windows or replacing or retro fit new double-glazed sash sliders into existing timber frames.

How we work

After carefully protecting your room we will remove the old window and install the new one making good the plaster work immediately around the new installation. Windows will be fitted with high quality lifts, pulls, latches and safety locks so that they are fully functioning from the outset. No additional decorating will be needed on your window once we are finished.

Beading will be fitted with weather pile (draught excluder) thereby eliminating heat loss around the new sashes as much as possible. As it is a new installation sashes will have an A rated double-glazed unit that is a low E, soft coated and argon/krypton filled resulting in the overall window being very efficient and achieving the u-values required by the industry minimum standards.

When the box frames themselves are in a relatively good condition and  it makes sense to refurbish them instead of replacing them, we will retro-fit new double glazed sashes into your old box thereby reducing your over costs. First we give the box a complete overhaul, stripping it back to it’s original woodwork, conducting any necessary repairs and then re-spraying it (with the same paint we use on the newly manufactured sashes), so that the final finish with the new and old is as married up perfectly. Then along with the new double-glazed sashes, all the new beading is fitted with draught excluders in order to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

Then we clean up very thoroughly and leave you with a beautifully overhauled sash window that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Repair and Refurbishment

If your windows are in relatively good condition and you simply want to revive them, bringing them back to their former glory then we can refurbish them and in the process repair any minor problems they might have.

Good maintenance can dramatically extend the life of the window and therefore save you the expense of completely replacing it through unnecessary neglect.

Generally this can involve any or all of the following:

1. Replace the sash cords.

2. Repair and recondition the box or frame including a new paint job.

3. Replace the staff and parting bead with new beading that is incorporated with a weather pile (draught excluder) so to eliminated as much heat loss as possible by stopping the air flow around the sashes.

4. Repair any rotten areas of the windowsill.

5. Repair and re-paint the sashes.

6. Replace the pulleys, locks, latches, lifts and pulls.