We have just used RENEW ALL SASH SERVICES for the repair and renovation of six sash windows in our apartment in Ealing. We are delighted, not only with the quality and efficiency of their work but also with the exemplary effort they put into the cleaning up operation after the work was finished. We can thoroughly recommend RENEW ALL SASH SERVICES to anyone contemplating employing them on such a task.

Castlebar Rd-Ealing

Dealing with non-standard windows

Georgian and Victorian builders didn’t work with standard window sizes, so I have to be ready for all eventualities and deliver a bespoke solution to each and every customer. To be honest, it is this that makes my trade so interesting. Handcrafting sash windows is a rewarding activity in itself. I am lucky enough to do something I love, and to get paid to do it.

New double-glazed sashes to the property in Teddington

Teddington Sash Windows

Sash windows should glide smoothly up and down. If yours are sticking, please give me a call. The owners of this property in Teddington did just that and were delighted with the finished results.

New complete box sash windows, Egerton Gardens Ealing

Edgerton Gardens, Ealing

I took this photo of the finished bay window because I was very pleased with the sash windows I installed, as was the homeowner. However, I have now realised that I need bigger signage on my white van!

Priory road, Bagshot Casement frame being stripped before new double-glazed casement frames are installed

Bagshot home

The mouldings on the exterior woodwork took a bit of effort to clean up, but the effort was definitely worth it.